British Passport Fees to Rise from February 2023 – What you need to know

Coming into effect on 2nd February 2023, the new change will lead to an increase of price to both adult and children’s passports.

The new fee will be applicable regardless of whether it is an application for a first passport or an application to renew an expired passport.

How much would I have to pay from February 2023?

The fee to apply online for a standard adult passport will increase to £82.50 from the current cost of £75.50. While the children’s passport fee will rise from £49 to £53.50. However, as with current position, it will be cheaper to make an online application compared to postal application which will cost £93.

Reason for increasing the fee

As per the announcement published on 11th January 2023, the Government does not make any profit from the cost of passport applications.

As it stands, the current processing time for passport application takes, on average, 10 weeks. The increase in passport fee will help the UK government put systems in place which will help speed up the process and essentially improve the service.

Applicants have the option to purchase a fast track or a premium service at a higher fee if they wish their application to be processed at a faster service. The priority service fee will also be impacted by this increase.

If you wish to save a little bit of money, apply for a passport before the end of January 2023.

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