Business structures for growth and possible later listing

In Britain and across Europe, SME’s globally constitute more than 50% of the GDP in developed countries and make up 99.8% of all businesses. Our legal team has a wealth of experience in helping clients either establish a business or review its business structure. This may be for an individual, a form of partnership, a joint venture or a company.

The decision should be considered in the context of the taxation legislation. For start-ups there could be generous tax breaks. We work alongside a number of accountants and tax planners to ensure Entrepreneurs’ Relief and other benefits are available during the life of the business and upon the exit of its owners, while also ensuring it has the optimum structure in place and the necessary supporting agreements. We draft and advise on documents such as:

  • Constitutional Documents
  • Enterprise Management Incentives and Share Option Plans (EMI)
  • Funding Arrangements
  • Joint venture Agreements
  • Shareholders Agreements

Business and Company Growth or other Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Inevitable change to a business’ circumstances and its existing arrangements means agreements will have to be altered. As the business continues to grow, additional considerations such as listing on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) may be the way forward.

AIM helps to raise capital for smaller, growing businesses to enable future growth, development and investment. AIM has listed thousands of companies since it began in 1995 and provides opportunities for businesses that have been developed from scratch. Expert legal advice from our corporate team will enable our clients to maximise this opportunity. We also partner NOMADS, assisting them and their clients in listing their clients’ business.

We partner the client and the NOMADS and provide legal advice with the complex admission and listing process and all the compliance obligations.

Our experience includes

  • Undertaking due diligence on the target company with a view to preparing it for an AIM listing
  • Advising owners with regard to public listings on AIM
  • Preparing, in conjunction with other professional advisers, the requisite IPO documentation for such listings
  • Proceeding to listing companies on AIM

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