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Business contract lawyers

Contracts are a core part of business. The dilemma for businesses, especially small businesses, is often deciding on the value of using lawyers to prepare business contracts, review or advise on them.

We fully understand this cost-benefit dilemma but also know that having the wrong commercial contracts or no advice on contracts creates many problems. These can include :

  • Risks to your business of unclear arrangements and agreements creates inherent and obvious risks.
  • Credibility risks – dealing with other businesses or 3rd parties such as investors or banks in circumstances where you don’t have the legal basics covered is likely to raise red flags.
  • Using template or downloaded contracts will almost certainly mean not fully covering the particular type of business you have or the way you do business or the specifics negotiated on your contracts.
  • Using standardised contracts which you do not understand. If you don’t understand your own contracts, why clauses are included, what they mean and the practicalities, can be extremely risky. The wording of the contract is just the beginning. Good contract lawyers will ensure you fully understand the most important clauses in the contract and what can happen if you or the other party breach the contract.

Having professionally prepared contracts at proportionate cost is good for your business, creates certainty and reduces risk. Please do call or email us to find out how we can help and what it will cost.

Commercial contract lawyer services

We draft and advise on business contracts every day. Importantly, this includes many different business types, industries and sectors where we have knowledge and experience. You can rely on us to quickly assess what you need and work out the best solution.

Some of the more common types of commercial contracts we regularly deal with for clients include :

  • Business terms and conditions.
  • Licensing agreements.
  • Contracts with business consultants or freelancers .
  • Employment contracts including director and executive service agreements.
  • IP commercial agreements including product or software licensing, software agreements.
  • Joint venture agreements.
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.
  • Commercial Agent or distribution contracts.
  • Service contracts and Service Level Agreements .
  • Advertising and promotion agreements.
  • Supply agreements.
  • International contracts.

Get in touch by phone or email to discuss how our contract lawyers can help, whether you need a solicitor to draft, review or advise on a contract.


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