Get in touch if you need advice on any aspect of Insolvency law or business restructuring. We have offices in North London and Central London.

Insolvency Solicitors

Our insolvency lawyers deal with a wide range of insolvency, restructuring and corporate recovery legal issues.

Clients we act for include Insolvency Practitioners, company directors,  creditors and secured lenders.

Our solicitors are experienced in advising on the full range of options for business restructuring.

Insolvency law advice and services

  • Advising clients buying the business and assets of insolvent companies including pre-pack transactions.
  • Acting on the sale of business and assets of insolvent companies
  • Advice for directors on duties and liabilities where insolvency is likely including the potential risk of wrongful trading
  • Legal advice and assistance on the law and process for formal insolvency such as going into administration, voluntary or compulsory liquidation, LPA Receiverships, CVAs, IVAs and bankruptcies)

Business restructuring

Our experience includes :

  • strategic restructuring by setting up a group or holding company structure to protect assets and/or mitigate risk.
  • restructuring involving cost reductions such as staff redundancies – we advise on employment law issues including potential change of employment terms and conditions or planning and implementing redundancies due to business restructuring,
  • selling business assets – to raise money or as strategic decisions to separate out and sell off non-core parts of your business. A more focused approach concentrating only on the more profitable parts of your business is often a successful restructuring strategy;
  • finances – we deal with lenders and advise on the terms of existing borrowings. We can assist with refinancing and also advise on risks such as breaching contracts which contain clauses about refinancing.
  • seeking new investment – we assist in getting your business ready so that if you choose to seek new external private equity investment.

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