It’s exciting growing a business but also very challenging and amongst the challenges is balancing the need to spend money on ensuring your business is on solid ground legally with risks mitigated as against the cost of doing so when balanced against other costs as you grow.

Small business lawyers

Small business and start up businesses make up the vast majority of UK businesses.

We deal with a large number of start ups and small business clients. Doing so means we understand how small business clients approach choosing and using lawyers. We really enjoy working with our start up and sme clients and find that what these clients want most is :

  • Specialist advice – if small business clients use lawyers, they rightly expect the lawyer to be a specialist and someone who has done similar work for another sme client often in the same industry or sector
  • Good communication – not just keeping you proactively updated but also explaining the legal and practical basis behind drafting or advice. Put simply, having a contract you don’t understand how to use yourself, understanding why clauses are there and the implications, is high risk and of limited value.
  • Proportionate cost – business clients increasingly and rightly expect lawyers to understand budgets for legal fees and that sme clients often have to choose between priorities and may not be able to afford all the legal work recommended at the same time. Choices are often needed and we help clients make those choices.
  • Solution focused services – in many cases legal work and advice is only a part of the need, problem or issue small business clients explain to us. Our joined up, commercial approach often means that we introduce our clients to our extensive set of professional or business contacts who can also be of use to them.

Lawyers for SME clients – services we provide

We advise on a very wide range of legal matters for small businesses. Some of the more common work we do includes :

  • Legal advice on the right structure for a new business
  • Shareholder or business partnership agreements
  • Getting the right articles of association in place for a limited company
  • Contracts including terms of trading, employment contracts, contracts with suppliers, distributors or agents.
  • Reviewing contracts
  • IP legal advice whether copyright, design rights, software or databases, GDPR and Data Protection, protecting and exploiting IP such as selling or licensing of intellectual property.
  • Disputes including contract disputes and commercial lease disputes.
  • Advise on preparing your business for investors, raising loan finance or bank financing.

Lawyers for small business in London

When you decide to seek a lawyer for your small business, please do get in contact with us. We are approachable and a very modern law firm. A discussion will quickly help you to decide that we are the right small business lawyers for you.

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