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Employment discrimination

Our employment related discrimination law instructions come mostly from employers and senior staff.

We find that most employers are very aware of and receptive to the need to consistently work on ensuring equality and fairness in the workplace. We work with our employer clients on an ongoing and regular basis to assist with this, so that policies and  procedures are updated, staff are trained and any concerns or complaints are taken seriously and dealt with with thoroughness, fairness and impartiality.

Employment law discrimination services

Some of the more common ways we work with our employer or employee clients include :

  • Acting for employees bringing discrimination claims
  • Acting for employers investigating discrimination allegations.
  • Assisting employers where Employment Tribunal claims are started where discrimination is claimed.
  • Advising employers on key issues such as part-time workers, staff who need to work from home, maternity and paternity rights, making reasonable adjustments in the workplace
  • Helping employers with the correct policies, paperwork and training to ensure there is no discrimination in the recruitment process (discrimination claims can be mode by those who are not employees and who claim they have been overlooked due to sex, race, religious, age or disability discrimination)

Discrimination claims are often not stand alone claims

Often, discrimination allegations are made in combination with other claims, such as :

  • where employment warnings for sickness absence or performance are instigated by employers.
  • where employees are refused part-time work or flexible conditions such as working from home.
  • with more senior staff discrimination may be alleged where staff question bonuses, incentives or awards.
  • In relation to business restructuring or redundancy selection situations

In most situations discrimination claims are complex. They are also highly sensitive in today’s online viral and social media world where adverse publicity is a very real risk for employers. Meticulous record keeping and good advice are essential to help employers navigate this legal minefield.


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