We will  be able to quickly let you know whether it makes sense to try and negotiate on the settlement agreement offered and can conduct negotiations for you.


With specialist employment lawyers in our London offices in Edgware, Mayfair and Wigmore Street, we are an ideal choice if you need a solicitor for settlement agreement advice and representation in North London or Central London.

Settlement Agreement Solicitors

One of the most common ways of ending an employment relationship is through a Settlement Agreement. This is a legally binding contract and contains agreed terms that can be negotiated.

For a Settlement Agreement to be valid, certain conditions must be satisfied, including that the employee must have received qualified, independent legal advice. This advice is normally largely if not fully paid for by the employer.

If you need an experienced employment lawyers for the necessary legal advice on a settlement agreement, we are an ideal local choice. We are experienced, practical and can advise fast, often on the same day.

We also advise on important aspects of settlement agreements including forward looking restrictive covenants, contractual entitlements such as bonuses or sale  commissions (if your pay is partly based on targets or performance), whether the employer will agree to give a reference and if so, on what terms and the tax position on ex-gratia compensation offered.

Settlement Agreements used in redundancy situations

It is important to note that settlement agreements are not just used where there is a workplace dispute, they can be used to ensure a rapid and harmonious termination where redundancy might be necessary or for other reasons.

Full and final nature of settlement agreements

A key aspect for employees who have been offered an employment termination agreement to understand is that the agreement is largely standard and comprehensive in the sense that the employee will, if he or she signs, be contractually agreeing not to pursue almost every kid of potential post employment claim against the employer.

Please do get in contact if you need legal advice on a settlement agreement offered to you to terminate your employment.

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