Our specialist family lawyers can advise on all aspects of children law and ensure that the interests of your children and your worries and interests are well protected.

Children law solicitors

Our family lawyers adopt a collaborative approach to child arrangements and will encourage the parties to try to reach an agreement about the future arrangements for the child.

Unfortunately there are times when it is not possible to reach an agreement where an application to is needed.

Child law, child custody, child access

Our family lawyers regularly advise on

  • Child arrangements orders
  • Concerns about a plan to take children abroad
  • Issues where your ex is not complying with child access arrangements
  • Legal advice where you are not being allowed to see your children despite having legal rights to including where child access has been previously agreed or ordered by court order.
  • Medical, schooling or religious issues where there is a dispute between parents.
  • Disputes over holidays

Parental responsibility

These are all the rights, duties, powers and responsibilities and authority which by law a parent has in relation to a child and his/her property.

Where a parent is named on the birth certificate that parent will automatically have parental responsibility for the child. If you are not named on the birth certificate we can advise you on the steps to legally obtain parental responsibility either by entering into a parental responsibility agreement or in the absence of an agreement by seeking a court order.

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