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Divorce lawyers London

If you are anticipating divorce or separation, it is imperative that you consider a number of factors and understand not only divorce procedure but the likely financial issues and outcomes.

Good divorce lawyers guide clients to the right choice at the right time.  A mediated approach with skilled negotiation is often best but sometimes, where finances are in dispute, court action is needed.

Divorce areas we specialise in

  • Legal separation and separation agreements
  • Divorce finance advice
  • Child maintenance issues arising on divorce
  • Legal advice where divorce orders are not complied with such as where financial agreements are not complied with, child custody or visitation agreements or orders are breached.
  • Ensuring there is full disclosure of finances.
  • Divorces after short marriages
  • Issues arising where assets are outside the UK

Divorce finances

In an ideal world, you would reach a fair agreement directly, quickly and amicably with your partner.

This is not always possible and even if it is, unless recorded formally, correctly and fully, if relations or circumstances change, it would be highly risky. It is always better to record a financial settlement which is professionally drawn up and endorsed by the court. That way, you can apply to the court with some confidence if your ex-husband/wife does not comply.

It may be that your partner is unwilling to even discuss these issues.  We will advise you on the right approach to take for you in resolving such issues.  It may be that there is more than one option open to you. Key issues include :

  • Can a financial settlement be negotiated?
  • What happens to the matrimonial home?
  • Pensions on divorce
  • Debts as well as assets when looking at divorce finances
  • Maintenance payments for children
  • Whether a Mesher Order is appropriate
  • Factors which either support a 50:50 split on assets or which might result in a court deciding a different split.

Divorce solicitors in London

Getting good advice from a specialist divorce lawyer, at an early stage, is recommended so please do get in contact.

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