For more information on Living Together/Cohabiting Agreements, please contact our family solicitors.

Unmarried couples legal advice

As the English legal system does not offer as much protection to cohabiting couples as it does to married couples, without discussion of the legal implications and agreeing things, the consequences can be significant.

Living together – how to plan legally

Our family lawyers provide experienced, affordable advice including :

  • Preparing or advising on a living together agreement or cohabitation agreement which includes details about property, outgoings, payment of the mortgage, ownership of assets, liability for debt, ownership of bank accounts etc. It is imperative that both parties obtain independent legal advice.
  • Legal advice where the parties are unmarried but there are children
  • Making provision where a couple are not married but in a long term relationship and want to ensure that if 1 of them dies, the other will inherit. We advise on preparing wills or amending any existing will.
  • Where a property is owned by an unmarried couple, we advise on and prepare a suitable deed of trust for property co-ownership, which protects where 1 party has put in more money, deals with mortgage and other outgoings and a process for deciding on selling any property if there is a disagreement.
  • Dealing with joint liabilities as well as joint assets.



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