Axiom DWFM proud to support Resolution’s Good Divorce Week

Resolution is a community of over 6500 family law professionals who advocate for amicable divorce.

This year, Resolution are using their annual Good Divorce Week campaign to raise awareness of how families can resolve their disputes away from family courts, to avoid the current delays in proceedings.

The family courts are currently dealing with a large backlog of matters (in terms of dealing with listings, administrative tasks, and processing applications), as they continue to struggle to catch up following delays caused by the Covid pandemic. This has resulted in families waiting excessive periods of time to sort out child arrangements and finances, placing additional and unnecessary stress and pressure on an already difficult situation.

Recent research conducted by Resolution shows that divorces are on the increase, with the most recent statistics showing 113,000 divorces in 2021 – up nearly 10% on the previous year – and the impact on wait times is stark. On average it now takes 52 weeks to conclude divorce proceedings.

In addition, official figures show that while private children cases were down by 7% during the last year, they are taking on average six weeks longer to reach a conclusion. And estimates suggest it takes nearly two years to resolve financial matters. That leaves many families in limbo for over a year which has a knock-on effect on children’s schooling and family finances.

Axiom DWFM’s Family team is supporting Resolution’s Good Divorce Week by offering a free 30-minute telephone consultation to promote the benefits of early intervention and alternative dispute resolution in family matters, offering families the benefit of early professional advice. We will also be posting daily updates and articles on our social media to promote the various forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution – a solution?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the name given to various ways of resolving disputes out of court. This includes mediation, arbitration, and collaborative practice. For further guidance on ADR, please see our Family Law starter guide: or contact our experienced family team who can advise you on which approach may be best to suit your needs and desired outcomes.

We are committed to helping families achieve better outcomes and find long-lasting resolutions. To speak with a member of our team, please contact:

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