Group action lawsuit against TUI over food poisoning claims at Playa Vista Azul Resort in Cuba

AxiomDWFM, have filed a legal claim against tourism giant TUI UK Limited over contamination concerns at their Playa Vista Azul Resort in Varadero, Cuba. Each of the claimants purchased an All-inclusive package and was taken ill after visiting the resort in 2022, they allege contaminated food and poor hygiene of the facilities as the cause.

Playa Vista Azul Resort is a 5* star resort, however, visitors reported sometimes seeing cockroaches on the food stations, green algae on occasion being present in the pool facilities. The food occasionally being served uncooked, and even at times poor food preparation being witnessed by holiday makers. Any individuals that were taken ill with food poisoning symptoms after visiting the resort may have a claim against TUI.

There are several enquiries so far, and those who have been affected may be able to make a claim. Claimants are working alongside national law firm AxiomDWFM to bring the claim, which is expected to become a group action litigation.

Emma Parkinson, bringing a claim against TUI, commented: “I was appalled by the conditions of Playa Vista Azul Resort, I visited the resort in June 2022 with my 3 children and we have all fallen seriously ill after spending 11 nights at the resort. There was sometimes an awful smell coming from the restaurant which I could only describe as rotting meat, I witnessed staff using the same cooking utensils for raw and cooked food on occasions as well as the pool being green. This has been a deeply distressing situation as our family holiday was ruined, and we want to hold TUI to account for this.”

Samantha Finch, who visited the resort in May 2022, has suffered in hospital with a confirmed diagnosis of Salmonella, commented “I am still suffering with Salmonella since visiting this resort with the symptoms only getting worse. I attempted to make several complaints to TUI in relation to the poor hotel facilities, but no action has been taken. I believe TUI are responsible to ensure the resort does not operate in these conditions, and they should be held accountable.”

Suki Chhokar, Partner at AxiomDWFM and Head of the Public and International Health Department, commented: “Our clients will allege that TUI failed to take the steps necessary to monitor the resorts of the condition of their facilities, leading to consumers being infected with food poisoning. If you or a loved one have visited the resort and experienced symptoms of food poisoning, you may be eligible to join the claim to secure compensation.”

Those that may have been impacted by the scandal can visit AxiomDWFM’s website to enquire about joining the claim:

For further information regarding the claim, please contact Suki Chhokar, Partner at AxiomDWFM: [email protected]

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