High Net Worth Specialists - connected lawyers for a complex world

Our approach

Highly successful clients have a wide range of complex legal needs which often overlap and require a long term and strategic approach. Advising discerning and successful clients is fundamentally based on strong interpersonal relationships and time-honoured trust.

Our clients are highly sophisticated and intelligent. Legal competence alone isn’t how they choose their lawyers and law firm. It’s based on commercial insight, personal relationships and confidence.

Our High Net Worth team has a range of specialisms, but we often need to find the right expert (based on experience, competence, approach and personality) either within other departments in our firm or externally, in the UK or internationally. Clients come to us because they trust us to get the right people in place for any given issue or situation and to take the lead and responsibility in finding and implementing the best solution, whether it’s to protect and preserve assets, strategic acquisitions, international tax planning or legal problems or disputes. Our clients return to us because they trust us.

Expertise and solutions

In our role as lead advisors we deal with a wide array of matters for clients. The following list represents the more common areas we advise on, both nationally and internationally :-

  • Wealth and succession planning.
  • Asset Protection.
  • Tax planning, problems and disputes.
  • Family businesses.
  • Family offices.
  • Estate planning and probate administration.
  • Trusts, foundations and alternate structures.
  • Management and structuring of international assets.
  • Domicile and residence.
  • Philanthropy and charity.
  • Employment matters.
  • Divorce and Family law.
  • Dispute resolution – including trust and estate disputes
  • Advice on setting up and managing businesses in the UK.
  • Property acquisitions and disposals.


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