Inheritance Tax Planning Solicitors

Axiom DWFM provide expert legal advice in this field for many different types of clients. Inheritance Tax is a concern across the whole spectrum of our client base.

Our goal is to help clients minimise their inheritance tax exposure, whilst also ensuring their wishes are implemented and assets protected from third parties.

There is no “standard client” for us. We provide a bespoke service to match each client’s individual needs. Regardless of the complexity we ensure you get the best and clearest advice and options on available tax relief and to structure your inheritance planning in a tax effective, practical, and legally safe way.

The specialist legal advice and services we provide for Inheritance Tax Planning most commonly include:

  • Providing legal advice on structuring for IHT and CGT efficiency for family businesses, large investment portfolios or complex land ownership.
  • Arranging Charitable donations, either directly or through corporate structures, for maximum efficiency and legacy purposes.
  • Pensions and life insurance policies can be good ways of reducing the value of the estate and also the tax bill. Policies may need to be written ‘in trust’ and this usually means that any pay-outs will not form part of the estate.
  • Setting up and administering trusts which may be part of the best strategy to manage potential tax liabilities.
  • Arranging efficient and effective corporate structures and trusts and providing ongoing administration for the same to protect assets for later generations in the most tax efficient manner
  • Should HMRC raise enquiries about Inheritance Tax, including the extent or value of assets we provide assistance to clients and can also recommend trusted asset specific experts and/or accountants to protect your interests.

For specialist Inheritance Tax planning or advice as an executor, beneficiary, donor, settlor or other interested party please do get in contact.

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