Joint venture with Cabinet van Hagen

Axiom DWFM and French law firm, Cabinet van Hagen are pleased to announce a joint venture between their offices in London and Paris.

The firms have worked together for many years, but now offer a dedicated service to clients needing legal advice in France and the UK from a convenient single source, whether this relates to property purchase, construction, dispute resolution, divorce or the administration of estates or business-related matters, including the acquisition and disposal of companies in either jurisdiction.

Senior members of each firm will be in attendance in London and Paris on a regular basis from May 2022 and can give advice as well as represent clients before all courts in the UK and in France. Both firms have many years expertise in advising clients operating in these jurisdictions and can provide access to a range of professional advisers on tax, accountancy, and related financial matters, as well as on EU legislation and treaties, where required.

Specialist legal advisory services for guidance on each country’s operational requirements (such as employment law and working practices) will also be available where needed. The joint venture has arisen in response to requests from clients in France and the UK who have interests in the other jurisdiction, but do not wish to go to multiple advisers in another country with whom they are unfamiliar, perhaps do not speak the language fluently or are unaware of the potential costs or pitfalls.

A wide range of legal and financial issues can be catered for in addition, all with the highest level of professional and personal attention.

Axiom DWFM Senior Partner Tony Mead commented: “I have worked with Tony van Hagen for a long time on projects in France. He is effective, well connected and gets things done. This joint venture will enable us to provide an easier, seamless, and cost-effective service to our clients who have interests in France, and to Cabinet van Hagen clients in the UK. Axiom DWFM clients may be looking to buy or finance a holiday home, a boat, set up a business in France, move there or need a dispute resolved. Some will simply want guidance on an idea for the future. There are endless possibilities. Now they can do it without having to contact different professionals who they haven’t met before and who may do things differently. They can be confident we will look after them, monitor what is being done by whom and at the correct cost. It’s a different concept, and I am sure will prove to be very popular”

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