Good dispute resolution solicitors are highly strategic. Most disputes and claims settle out of court. The skill is in tactics and timing, exerting the right pressure on the opponent to settle or sensing the right moment.


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Litigation Solicitors London

Legal disputes are common and can quickly escalate out of proportion. Our litigation lawyers advise  individuals and businesses on a wide range of disputes. Common instructions include:

  • Contract disputes and breach of contract claims
  • Commercial disputes
  • Shareholder disputes and director disputes
  • Disputes arising on the breakdown of business partnerships
  • Disputes with agents, freelancers or distributors
  • Insolvency litigation including winding up or bankruptcy and use of Statutory Demands including applying for or defending applications to set aside a statutory demand
  • Breach of confidentiality or unlawful use of trade secrets, confidential data or know how when being unlawfully obtained and/or used by employees or 3rd
  • Professional negligence claims;
  • Landlord/tenant disputes, evictions, rent, repairs, security deposits;
  • Property disputes over boundaries, easements, construction including applications to the Land Tribunal or Lease Tribunal.
  • Finance disputes including disputes over loans or enforcement of loans or security.
  • Intellectual Property infringement claims
  • Mediation or arbitration to attempt early dispute resolution

Court claims and applications

In situations when court litigation is the right course of action, we have the experience and depth of knowledge to manage your dispute and will fight your case vigorously.

In almost all legal disputes, tactics, strategy and negotiation skills are as important to the outcome as the underlying law and evidence. Having an experienced, tactically astute litigation lawyer on your side is essential to creating the right conditions to settle the claim out of court. This is in many cases the best available solution bearing in mind the inherent risk, high cost and uncertainty of almost all disputes.

Tactical use of court procedures which can secure a major advantage in the dispute or bring the dispute to an early conclusion include :

Out litigation lawyers can advise on the advantages, suitability and risks of all of the above and other aspects of securing the best outcome.

Several of our solicitors are advocacy experts. We often appear in the High Court and in the County Court as well as various other Tribunals. The dispute resolution team has been ranked for dispute resolution in the Legal 500 directory for 2022.

The Legal 500 – The Clients Guide to Law Firms

Litigation Solicitors – our approach

We understand that at the forefront of every client’s concern, is how much it will cost to resolve a dispute in the most effective way possible. We always provide estimates and agree fees with you prior to undertaking any work.

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