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No Win No Fee Claims for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Compensation

Carbon monoxide poisoning happens where there is incomplete burning of fuel and is most commonly linked to gas boilers although it can also happen with oil and wood burning as well. Because it is odourless it is extremely dangerous and is known as a “silent killer”.

The most common cause of deaths and serious injuries from carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK comes from defective boilers. Defects can be in either manufacture or maintenance. Physical signs that indicate carbon monoxide can include condensation on wall, dark colouring around a boiler or on the edges of ceilings and especially where boiler flames are not blue but instead are somewhere between yellow and orange in colour.

Where poisoning takes place in a rented property, the Landlord (which can include a Local Authority or a Housing Association) will have been responsible for ensuring the premises generally are Health & Safety compliant and specifically for gas safety. Records need to be kept and a Landlord will be legally liable where there has been a failure to inspect and maintain a gas boiler and carbon monoxide poisoning occurs.

We are experienced in dealing with carbon monoxide related personal injury claims. We will assess your claim quickly and skilfully and advise whether we can deal with in on no win no fee basis for you. Bearing in mind that carbon monoxide poisoning can cause deaths and very serious long term brain injuries we can represent relatives where the victim has died or is incapacitated. Please do get in contact.

Injuries caused by carbon monoxide poisoning

The longer a person is exposed to unburnt carbon monoxide the more they will inhale of it and the worse the injuries likely to be sustained. With many cases victims suffer seizures and loss of consciousness and for survivors very serious long term health consequences can include brain damage, serious heart problems, sight loss and even Parkinson’s disease.

Carbon monoxide poisoning at work

There are certain work environments, especially garages and industrial workplaces where the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is higher. Employers have both statutory Health and Safety duties to employees but also common law duty of care to ensure the safety of employees. If the poisoning occurs at work, the employers safety records will be crucial evidence and the claim will ultimately be dealt with by the employers insurers.



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