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Compensation for salmonella

Salmonella infections are a type of food poisoning most commonly caused by food being undercooked in unhygienic conditions. This form of infection is quite closely associated with undercooked chicken, eggs and also unpasteurised milk, the latter of which being far more common outside the UK usually picked up from eating or drinking contaminated food or water.

You can also contract salmonella if the ingredients carrying the bacteria are mixed with other ingredients, such as chicken in pasta or a salad.

How to claim for salmonella poisoning

As with all types of food poisoning claims, the chances of success will depend on factors including whether medical advice was sought quickly after the illness with samples taken, the ability to identify where the food was eaten and whether any others also fell ill.

If you have become ill and salmonella was the cause, whether in the UK or abroad on holiday, we have the experience to help you. We offer no win fee where we take on a case and we can quickly advise you whether you have a good chance of succeeding.

How long do you have to start a salmonella compensation claim?

Whilst you have 3 years under English law to make a claim after medical diagnosis, the earlier you start the process generally the better. If the salmonella infection has led to any complications or long term medical issues a claim can still be started and pushed ahead seeking to get an admission of legal liability with compensation not resolved or fully resolved until the longer term prognosis becomes clear.

Who to claim against?

In terms of legal liability, most restaurants will have public liability insurance, certainly in the UK. If you contracted the salmonella while on holiday, eating at your hotel or perhaps on a cruise ship, the claim can be made against the hotel or cruise company but often also against the tour operator if you booked through them.

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