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Romantic relationships begin on a high note of excitement and hopes for the future. Having a long and happy marriage/relationship is every couple’s wish. However, many things in life are just not within one’s control. When there is a family separation, you may need to seek professional legal advice on issues such as divorce, cohabitation, financial settlements and/or children arrangements.

Axiom DWFM’s approach in family law

A breakup or divorce can be one of the most stressful and emotional experiences in life. Our priory is listening and solving problems in the most cost effective and quickest way to help resolve matters for you.  Amongst the clients that we served, most of them wished to achieve a solution with their former spouses/partners with speed, minimum amount of fuss and expense, and focus on putting the needs of their children first.

Dispute Resolution

Axiom DWFM are supportive of dispute resolution such as mediation and encourage our clients, where it is appropriate, to engage in dispute resolution. Where mediation is appropriate, it can be a positive way to deal with these difficult and painful issues. We can suggest suitable mediators in the area for you. It allows both parties to keep the communication channels open and help their children by showing parents working together resolving issues. Axiom DWFM would be able to give legal support and advice alongside any mediation you choose to attend.

The court’s involvement

For some clients, mediation or negotiation through solicitors is not enough and the court need to be involved to decide what will happen about children and financial matters.  Axiom DWFM are very experienced in dealing with matters in this way and are very aware of the principles and procedures.  We believe that it is necessary to understand the principle aspects of litigation, which are as follows:

  • what specific orders can be made in favour of a party.
  • The principles that are applied in quantifying or ascertaining the claims of a party.
  • The practice and procedure to be adopted in resolving those claims.

Example of matters that Axiom DWFM have dealt with which required litigation at an early stage are: –

  • The need for interim maintenance to be applied for.
  • When there was domestic violence involved.
  • The immediate/short term arrangement for the children who were suffering significant harm.
  • The immediate housing needs of the clients and the relevant children.
  • The need to consider an application to prevent the dissipation of assets.

All family lawyers practise the same law but not all family lawyers are the same. Consider your circumstances and choose the one who is right for you and your family. Axiom DWFM are happy to talk to you on the telephone without charge, to see whether we are the right lawyer for you. The benefit of choosing the right lawyer cannot be emphasised enough. Solutions will be so much easier to find if all concerned are taking a constructive approach, advised and supported by an experienced family law practitioner.

Example of Separation and Divorce Cases Axiom DWFM have dealt with:

Case 1 – The Importance of Obtaining a Court Order

Our client was a Chinese national. She initially sought advice from a boutique London firm  and was advised that she had to give her husband half of the value of the family home. This was a property which was purchased in her sole name with financial assistance from her husband. The couple had hardly lived together after their marriage. After we considered the matter, taking account of all the factors in the matter, we were able to assist her to reach an agreement, with the wife retaining more than 50% of the value of the property. However, she then needed to make that agreement into a court order. This is easily done, once matters have been agreed and ensures that any agreement is final and binding on both parties.  It is important to note that without an Order of the Court, any settlement reached between a husband and wife is not final and binding. Claims arising on a divorce remain life until they have been formally dismissed by way of an Order of the Court.

Case 2 – Child Arrangements Dispute

The parents who were unmarried had two children. The mother left the family home with the two children without prior notice to the father and alleged domestic abuse by him. Axiom DWFM advised the father through proceedings and the court agreed that there was no evidence of domestic abuse. We also obtained an order which ensured the children would spend time with their father, including overnights and additional time at holiday periods.

Case 3 – Financial Remedy Dispute

As is usual in the court process for financial matters, a Judge had given an indication of what he/she believed the outcome would be in financial matters. Axiom DWFM felt the indication was too low for our client and advised her to continue to a final hearing. Although this increased the costs of the litigation, we believed that this would be in our client’s best interest.

At the final hearing, the financial award was much higher than had been indicated by the Judge previously and we had been correct to advise our client to continue to the final hearing, with the wife (our client) retaining almost all of the equity in the family home.

Case 4 – Financial Remedy Order involving Assets within the UK and Abroad

Axiom DWFM’s client was habitually resident in Hong Kong. His former wife and the two children of the family lived in England. Our client was a person with considerable wealth and experts were required to be instructed to value the assets in the UK, Hong Kong and the Far East. This focused on our client’s company interest, his liquidity and ability to raise an appropriate lump sum to pay his former wife with a view to achieving a clean break financial settlement. With the assistance of a highly experienced counsel,  the matter proceeded to a contested final hearing and achieved the result that our client wanted.

Case 5 – Court Proceedings vs Arbitration

Arbitration is an alternative to court proceedings. It is a private service but the result is binding on both parties. This matter included  a relocation application where time was short. Axiom DWFM’s client wished to move to Australia with the child. A move that was opposed by the child’s father. With Axiom DWFM’s guidance, the mother agreed to deal with the matter at arbitration rather than continuing through the court process, ensuring that the decision was made before the start of the new term in Australia.

Case 6 – Pension Sharing Order and Offsetting

Axiom DWFM represented the wife in the financial remedy proceedings. The two major assets were the husband’s substantial pension and the net equity in the family home. Our client wished to remain living at the family home. An actuary was instructed to advise on off-setting. Our client succeeded in obtaining the transfer of the family home to her sole name in addition to a percentage of the husband’s substantial pension provision by way of a Pension Sharing Order.

List of family work offered:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Dissolution of civil partnerships
  • Financial remedy order in divorce
  • Issues regarding Children
  • Cohabitation arrangements
  • Relocation and leave to remove children abroad
  • Pre-nuptial agreement
  • Parental responsibility order
  • Grandparents’ rights

Family Law Department:

  • Axiom DWFM’s family lawyers have over 25 years of experience
  • Law Society Family Law Panel
  • Resolution Family Law Specialist in Finance & Children
  • Resolution trained collaborative family lawyer and mediator

Relationships and parenting are difficult challenges for anyone.  For families who have recently immigrated to the UK, the challenges are made more difficult with issues such as a new living environment, cultural and language differences, finding a job and school and most likely new financial circumstances.

A breakup of relationship or divorce can be one of the most stressful and emotional experiences in life.  The priority is to find a solution with an emphasis on putting the needs of the children first.

The law in England and Wales regarding children and financial matters can be summarised as follows:

Children matters –

Section 1 of the Children Act 1989 – the welfare checklist criteria

  • the ascertainable wishes and feelings of the child concerned (considered in the light of his or her age and understanding)
  • the child’s physical, emotional and educational needs
  • the likely effect on the child of any change in his/ her circumstances
  • the child’s age, sex, background and any characteristics of his/ her which the court considers relevant
  • any harm which the child has suffered or is at risk of suffering
  • how capable each of the child’s parents, and any other person in relation to whom the court considers the question to be relevant, is of meeting the child’s needs
  • the range of powers available to the court under the Children Act in the proceedings in question

Financial matters 

Section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1975.

Lawyers, mediators and judges refer to the following checklist of factors when deciding what to do with regard to the family finances:

  • the income, earning capacity, property and other financial resources which each of the parties to the marriage has or is likely to have in the foreseeable future, including in the case of earning capacity, any increase in that capacity which it would in the opinion of the court be reasonable to expect a party to the marriage to take steps to acquire
  • the financial needs, obligations and responsibilities which each of the parties to the marriage has or is likely to have in the foreseeable future
  • the standard of living before the family breaks down
  • the ages of the parties and duration of the marriage
  • any physical or mental disabilities
  • the contributions which each of the parties has made or is likely in the foreseeable future to make to the welfare of the family, including any contribution by looking after the home or caring for the family
  • the conduct of each of the parties, if that conduct is such that it would in the opinion of the court be inequitable to disregard it
  • the value of any benefit which will be lost by reason of the divorce, for example, a pension

The court’s first consideration is to the welfare of any child of the family who has not attained the age of 18.

Solutions will be easier to find if all parties concerned are taking a constructive approach, which can be achieved if they are advised and supported by an experienced family law practitioner.

Mrs Brenda Wong Robinson

Brenda is a Swindon based bi-lingual English and Cantonese speaking family lawyer. She qualified as a solicitor in 1987.  Brenda is also conversant in Mandarin and has found her language skills and upbringing in Hong Kong useful attributes, especially when dealing with Chinese clients unfamiliar with English customs and language. This cultural empathy enables Brenda not only to communicate with, but also to understand the needs and expectations of Chinese clients. Brenda currently works closely with lawyers in China and Hong Kong in family matters involving those jurisdictions.

Brenda’s cultural learning is not limited to the Far East. Having lived in England since 1978, Brenda is naturally familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the Western World and often represents domestic clients in the English courts.

As a family law professional Brenda is a member of the Law Society Family Law panel and a Resolution Family Law specialist in finance and children. Brenda was also trained by Resolution as a mediator and collaborative family lawyer.

Brenda’s contact details:

Axiom DWFM

1B Lancaster House, Hindle Way, Edison Business Park, Swindon SN3 3RT

Email: [email protected]

Telephone no.: 01793 698111


Family Law Specialist (Traditional Chinese Version)



浪漫的關係始於興奮和對未來的希望, 擁有長久幸福的婚姻或關係是每一對夫妻的願望。 然而, 生活中的許多事情並不在一個人的控制範圍之內。 當家庭分離時,您可能需要就離婚、同居、財務結算和/或子女安排等問題尋求專業的法律意見。


分手或離婚可能是生活中壓力最大、情緒最激動的經歷之一。 我們的首要任務是以最具成本效益和最快捷的方式傾聽及幫助您解決問題。 在我們服務過的客戶中,他們中的大多數人都希望以最快的速度、最少的麻煩和費用與他們的前配偶或伴侶達成解決方案,並專注於將孩子的需求放在首位。


本律師樓支持爭議解決, 如調解等等,並鼓勵我們的客戶在適當的時候參與爭議解決。 在調解合適的情況下,它可以成為處理這些困難和痛苦問題的積極方式。 我們可以為您推薦該地區合適的調解員。 它允許雙方保持溝通渠道暢通,並通過展示父母共同解決問題來幫助他們的孩子。本律師樓將能夠在您選擇參加的任何調解的同時提供法律支持和建議。


對於一些客戶來說,通過律師進行調解或談判是不夠的,法院需要參與決定孩子和財務問題的處理方式。 本律師樓在以這種方式處理問題方面非常有經驗,並且非常清楚其中的原則和程序。 我們認為有必要了解訴訟的主要方面,具體如下:

  • 可以做出有利於一方的具體命令。
  • 用於量化或確定一方索賠的原則。
  • 解決這些索賠的做法和程序。



  • 一. 需要申請臨時贍養費。
  • 二. 當涉及家庭暴力時。
  • 三. 對遭受重大傷害的兒童的即時/短期安排。
  • 四. 客戶和相關兒童的即時住房需求。
  • 五. 需要考慮申請防止資產流失。

所有的家庭律師都執行相同的法律,但並非所有的家庭律師都是一樣的。 考慮您的情況,並選擇適合您和您家人的。本律師樓很樂意通過電話免費與您交談,看看我們是否是適合您的律師。 選擇合適的律師的好處怎麼強調都不為過。 如果得到經驗豐富的家庭法從業者的建議和支持, 在所有相關情況都採取建設性的方法,那麼解決方案就會容易得多。



案例 1 – 獲得法院命令的重要性

我們的客戶是中國人,  她最初向倫敦一家公司尋求建議,並被告知她必須將家庭住宅價值的一半分給丈夫。 這是她在丈夫的經濟資助下以個人名義購買的房產, 這對夫妻婚後幾乎沒有同居過, 經過我們考慮到事情中的所有因素,我們能夠協助她達成協議,而妻子最終能夠保留50%以上的房產價值。 然而,她隨後需要將該協議變成法院命令, 這很容易做到,一旦事情已經達成一致,只需確保任何協議都是最終的,並對雙方具有約束力, 重要的是要注意,如果沒有法院的命令,夫妻之間達成的任何和解,都不是最終的和具有約束力的, 離婚引起的索賠在通過法院命令正式駁回之前仍然有效。

案例 2 – 子女安排糾紛

未婚的父母有兩個孩子。 母親在沒有事先通知父親的情況下帶著兩個孩子離開了家,並指控父親家庭虐待。 本律師樓向父親建議通過進行訴訟,最終法院同意沒有家庭虐待的證據。 我們還獲得了一項法院命令,確保孩子們有時間陪伴他們的父親,包括過夜和假期的額外時間。

案例 3 – 財務補救糾紛

與財務事項的法庭程序一樣,法官一早已表明他/她認為財務事項的結果是什麼。本律師樓認為對我們的客戶來說指標太低,並建議她繼續進行至最終聽證會。 儘管這增加了訴訟成本,但我們相信這符合我們客戶的最佳利益。


案例 4 – 涉及英國和國外資產的財務補救令

本律師樓的客戶長期居住在香港, 他的前妻和家裡的兩個孩子住在英國。 我們的客戶是一位擁有大量財富的人,我們需要聘請專家對英國、香港和遠東的資產進行估值。 這側重於我們客戶的公司利益、他的流動性和籌集適當的一次性付款以支付他的前妻的能力,以期實現徹底的財務結算。 在一位經驗豐富的法律顧問的協助下,此事進入了有爭議的最終聽證會,並取得了我們客戶想要的結果。

案例 5 – 法院訴訟與仲裁

仲裁是法庭訴訟的替代方式。 這是一項私人服務,但結果對雙方都有約束力。 這件事包括時間緊迫的搬遷申請。本律師樓的客戶希望帶著孩子搬到澳洲。 這一舉動遭到了孩子父親的反對。 在本律師樓的指導下,母親同意通過仲裁處理此事,而不是繼續通過法庭程序,以確保在澳洲新學期開始之前做出決定。

案例 6 – 退休金分享令和抵消

本律師樓在財務補救程序中代表妻子。 兩項主要資產是丈夫的大量退休金和家庭住宅的淨資產。 我們的客戶希望繼續住在家庭住宅, 一名精算師奉命就抵銷提出建議, 我們的客戶通過退休金分享令成功地將家庭住宅轉移到她的個人名下,此外還獲得了丈夫大量退休金的一定比例。



  • 離婚和分居
  • 民事伴侶關係解散
  • 離婚經濟補救令
  • 關於孩子的問題
  • 同居安排
  • 異地搬遷和離境把子女帶出國
  • 婚前協議
  • 父母責任令
  • 祖父母的權利



– 本律師樓的家庭律師擁有超過 25 年的經驗

– 律師會家庭法委員會

– 金融與兒童解決家庭法專家

– 受過決議培訓的協作家庭律師和調解員






1989 年《兒童法案》第 1 清單標準

  • 有關孩子的意願和感受(根據他或她的年齡和理解力考慮)
  • 孩子的身體、情感和教育需要
  • 周遭的人事及環境發生變化對孩子可能產生的影響
  • 孩子的年齡、性別、背景和法院認為相關的任何特徵
  • 孩子已經遭受或有可能遭受的任何傷害
  • 6.法院關切孩子的父母及親戚朋友,有多大能力滿足孩子的需要
  • 法院在相關訴訟中根據《兒童法案》可行使的權力範圍


1975 年婚姻訴訟法》第 25


  • 夫婦雙方擁有或在可預見的未來可能擁有的收入、賺錢能力、財產和其他財務資源,法院認為任何一方都可透過法例合理地獲分配對方的資產
  • 夫婦雙方在可預見的未來擁有或可能擁有的財務需要、義務和責任
  • .家庭破裂前的生活水平
  • .雙方的年齡和婚齡
  • .任何身體或精神殘障
  • 雙方在過去或在可預見的未來可以為家庭福祉做出的貢獻,包括看顧家庭或照顧家人
  • 各方的行為,假如該行為被法院認為如被忽視就會顯得不公平
  • 因離婚而損失的任何福利,例如退休金


法院首先考慮的是家庭中任何未滿 十八歲的孩子的福祉。



Mrs Brenda Wong Robinson





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