Legal Assistant

Aanchal Patel

Aanchal is the Legal Assistant for the Private Client team at the Edgware Office.

I recently completed my foundation year of LLB Law and Business Management at SOAS University. Throughout my time in school, I served as the debate club’s president, and I have won many accolades and certifications in the sport.


I have completed my A levels (English literature + language, Philosophy and Religious Studies) and completed a year of LLB Law at SOAS.

As I transitioned through many job categories, my earlier work was truly diverse. My most recent position was as a host at a cocktail bar, where my major duties were organising reservations and deposits. As a personal assistant, I have also assisted with daily management and correspondence at an estate agency as a summer internship.

I recently received my certificate in Python and JavaScript coding. Due to my passion for software development and my love pf perpetual learning, I am currently enrolled in online cyber security courses in addition to my legal studies.

Outside interests

My interest include makeup, writing, reading, and taking meditation classes. Along with helping local communities, I enjoy donating my free time at charities like St Luke’s Hospice.