Sofia Dionissiou-Moussaoui

Sofia has built an enviable reputation as a leading matrimonial lawyer in her career and specialises in family law with particular expertise in complex and substantial cases with an international element.

Sofia has been recognised as a leading individual in the highly established and respected Legal 500 rankings for 2022 for family law.

The Legal 500 – The Clients Guide to Law Firms
Divorce, separation, ancillary relief, co-habitation disputes and pre-nuptial agreements are all dealt with on a regular basis by Sofia and her expert team.

Many cases are both complex and high value, frequently involving the resolution of sensitive issues relating to children and financial matters involving trusts and companies both in the UK and abroad. Sofia combines her expertise with an intense and personal service that, time after time, achieves outstanding results for her clients. This is why her reputation continues to grow.

Testimonials in the 2022 Legal 500 edition include :

‘DWFM Beckman continues to provide a superior service exceeding all expectations. I can firmly count on reaching my solicitor at any given time with fast responses. Sofia Moussaoui is a super-lawyer, highly knowledgeable and driven by a painstakingly passion for excellence. Sofia never rests on her laurels and works for her clients with a solution-focused outlook. Sofia is tough yet sympathetic and never misses a beat‘.

‘An outstanding firm with excellent service from everyone. Sofia Moussaoui is the solicitor you need on your side. She is truly master in her profession with great strategy and vision, always a step ahead of the opponent, delivering faultless results. She is very professional with undivided attention to her clients making them feel at ease and safe. Sofia always manages to rise at the top in every situation whilst remaining calm and gracious, she is the absolute pinnacle of excellence‘.

‘Sofia Moussaoui is one of the go-to partners for ultra high value divorce litigation‘.

‘Sofia Dionissiou-Moussaoui for her exceptional leadership talents, effective and efficient case management, high ethics and sincerity towards people trusting her with most precious asset in their lives – namely, their beloved families. Trustworthiness and highest degree of professionalism, not least excellent “sixth sense” of judgement. In particular, we would like to point out, her positive attitude throughout and ability to reassure the client in the most difficult and sensitive circumstances. In a nutshell: “Sofia is the greatest intellectual & practically minded human asset any client could hope to have on their side and regret having on the opposite side’.

‘I would strongly recommend the divorce side of the firm cause it’s very professional and hardworking . I want to draw your attention particularly to Mrs Sofia Moussaoui who is an extraordinary lawyer and very reliable. She and her assistants worked on my case in such a professional way . They were relentless in their efforts to provide me with the best service and all the information we needed‘ .

‘Sofia Dionissiou-Moussaoui is the stand out partner in the family law department.  She is ruthless in her determination to leave no stone unturned in presenting the right evidence for clients to win their cases.  A real heavy-weight that you would want fighting your corner, rather than to be against‘.

‘Brilliant team. I found the team is very responsive, supportive, knowledgeable and efficient. Sofia Dionissiou-Moussaoui is exceptionally knowledgeable and she gave me excellent guidance and support throughout my case. She’s a quick and right decision maker and I continuously  feel I’m in safe hands with Sofia‘.

‘Sofia Moussaoui is a stand out family lawyer working in a small team but with a great practice. She is passionate about her work and really fights for her clients always looking for a new angle or approach. She is tenacious and extremely hardworking‘.

Sofia was the 2018 Lawyer Monthly Women in Law Family Lawyer of the Year.

Since 2017 Sofia has been recognised by the UK Legal 500 as being a Leading Individual for ‘London: Private Client’ for her work in Family Law. She is described as being ‘highly knowledgeable and driven by a painstaking passion for excellence’. Her team is ‘small but agile and packs a real punch’.

In the UK Legal 500 2020 edition testimonials for Sofia’s work describe her as acting ‘with precision and never falters in her execution. She runs her team like a military operation and every move is co-ordinated and part of the bigger plan’. She is ‘a first rate solicitor with a relentless tenacity and stamina’.

Previously it has been remarked that Sofia is ‘a masterful solicitor driven by her passion for excellence. She remains calm and in control in the most demanding situations‘’ displaying ‘excellent judgement and putting her clients at ease’. She has also been described as ‘the star’ at DWFM Beckman: ‘In any litigation you would want her on your side. She fights her cases hard but also has great judgement and knows which points to take and which not’.

Sofia’s testimonials in the Legal 500 2021 edition included:

‘Sofia Dionissiou-Moussaoui is a real star. Having acted on both sides, she knows every trick in the book and is extremely good in trust busting litigation’

‘Sofia Dionissiou-Moussaoui is the lawyer you are glad is on your team and not the other side. She is realistic and human, but she knows how it all works in practice. An absolute standout attorney’

‘Sofia Dionissiou-Moussaoui continues to go beyond the call of duty for her clients. She is down to earth, naturally understands people and has the capacity to put you at ease. She invariably remains calm and in control in even the most demanding of situations and is flawlessly prepared at all times. Sofia has an extraordinary wealth of knowledge and gives attention to details’

Sofia Dionissiou-Moussaoui is valued for her ‘professionalism and dedication to giving excellent service. Sofia has excellent client skills and a sound grasp of complex legal issues‘

‘This firm has a unique approach to evidence gathering, going to great lengths both internationally and at home to ensure that the best evidence is there to achieve a win for the client. Sofia Dionissiou-Moussaoui is a lawyer like no other. She personally travels the world to gather the best evidence for a client’s case‘

‘Sofia Dionissiou-Moussaoui is spectacular and goes the extra mile each time. She is highly capable, results orientated and creative when needing to find solutions. She is always very determined to do the very best by her client and takes it upon herself to be personally involved and always available, which makes a huge difference.‘

‘Sofia Dionissiou-Moussaoui gave me a continued feeling that everything was in hand and that I really had no need to worry. Their professional skills were very apparent early on in my case, but the continued personal reassurance and incredible competence shown was above and beyond any experience with other solicitors‘

In September 2019 Sofia was short listed as a finalist in the Lexis Nexis Family Law Awards for International Family Lawyer Award 2019.

Sofia’s reported cases

Joy v Joy-Morancho (2014) – Sofia represented Clive Joy-Morancho in an ongoing £54 million divorce settlement –

ZA v AS [2014] EWHC 2630 (Fam)

Young v Young (2012) – Sofia represented Michelle Young from 2012 onwards in a long-running ancillary relief case.

FZ v SZ & Anr. [2010] AER (D) 189 Jul – see here

Mubarak v Mubarik (2008) -Sofia represented Aaliya Mubarak in appeal proceedings in Jersey. Case reported here.

Bahamas Supreme Court case